Cultural experience

Cultural experience can be defined as those fascinating things that can make an individual to remember about his or her cultural. The objects that make me remember my cultural experience and can help my grandchildren’s grandchildren to understand my entire cultural experience may include the following, food, arts and festivals.

Sharing of food is my most memorable cultural experience as it helps me to connect to people from my culture. In our culture sharing of foods was representing unity in my society. In every week we could contribute food from each family and eat together in one room with all people from my culture. We could also express thanks for food as an act of worship. According to my culture praying together was held with a high priority as it signifies unity in a community. The fact that culture refers to the entire beliefs or custom of a certain society or group, sharing of food was believed to be one way of making the society to unite and interact together. When people share food together they can be in a position to interact and learn their customs, norms together.


Festivals are my second cultural experience that helps me to remember all-important things in my culture. In our community we were holding music festivals monthly. This was the norm of my culture as it was connecting all people in my community. A certain hall was set aside for people to gather and dance all night. Music festivals were representing our cultural way of interacting from all over the society. It was a must that everyone in the society to attend this significant ceremony as it was uniting different communities in my society.


Arts were regarded with high priority in my culture. This is due to the fact that it was offering a collection of classes from music, drama, visual art, dance, and creative writing. All people in my community were gathering in a hall that was set aside for people to exploit their talents. Different people could demonstrate their expertise in various fields. Arts were representing a significant object for demonstrating talents in the entire society.

The above three items has played a significant role in our socialization in my cultural context. This is due to the fact that they brought people together throughout the society. They also increased people’s interactions with one another. For instance, through sharing of food many communities were united and this could enhance peace in the entire society. Through festivals individuals were in a position to interact freely and make new friends. Through arts programs people were able to express their self, enhance their creativity. Therefore, the entire objects were playing an important role in my cultural context. Examples of abortion essays

According to the theory of social behaviorism that was developed by George Herbert Mead, individuals in the society can develop self-images through interactions with other people (Turner, 1988). Therefore, the three objects have enhanced our self images as they were allowing us to socialize and interact with one another. Mead asserted that self, that is portion of an individual’s personality comprises of self-awareness and self image (Aboulafia, 1991). In real sense this is a product of a social or cultural experience. Through social experience one can be in position to build self.