on Divorce by Abs-Cbn

MANILA, Philippines – A lawyer who has challenged the Reproductive Health (RH) law before the Supreme Court believes legalizing divorce in the Philippines is unconstitutional. Atty. James Imbong, son of Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the … Continue reading on Divorce by Abs-Cbn

Uv Vis

Experiment No. 1 CALORIMETRY When a chemical reaction occurs, heat is exchanged between the system and the surroundings. This heat exchange is called the heat of reaction, qrxn. In an exothermic reaction, heat is released … Continue reading Uv Vis

The O-Fold Strategy

The O-Fold Innovation Case Analysis By: Jesse Born 3/22/13 Select which business model Alex should pursue and defend your answer. Alex should pursue a crawl-walk-run strategy as it serves a purpose of testing the market … Continue reading The O-Fold Strategy