Biology is Beauty Essay

The article “Biology is Beauty” by Geoffrey Cowley touches on the facets behind beauty. The article states that everyone portions a sense of what is attractive. Basically. Cowley is saying that people are attracted to what is on the exterior. even if we do non cognize it. Even though points of attractive force can change over societies. beauty is an unconditioned quality we all think of. The article touches on a few illustrations that the writer feels explains. First. Cowley says that worlds love symmetricalness ; people prefer other people whose physical characteristics are symmetric.

These findings on symmetricalness were proven to be true despite race or gender. To turn out this point. the writer provided informations from a survey at the University of Texas. The survey took 3 and 6 month old kids and showed them series of exposures. There were sets of exposures with 2 exposures at a clip. one considered attractive and another considered unattractive. The survey showed that the babes spent well more clip gazing at the exposure of attractive people. The survey was run multiple times utilizing female and males of different races.

This survey is seeking to demo that worlds are prewired to prefer more attractive people. Further into the article the writer mentions the connexion between beauty and organic structure type. Men and adult females have inclinations to wish people with better organic structure types. more so with work forces. Certain animate beings choose their couples off which is the most physically dominant. and the article suggests worlds are non so far off. The article provides the positions of the sceptics but states their research proves their premises. The article has a few positive and negative facets. A pro to this article is fact that work forces are attracted to adult females with better organic structures. This is by and large true in society for both work forces and adult females.

However. this statement is non ever true. Worlds are non so much attracted to a individual with the best organic structure type. but more so the organic structure type that suites their demands the best. Peoples are persons and attraction to organic structure types is non so much an unconditioned quality. There is some truth to fact that symmetrical faces are more appealing. Physical attraction does foremost light interactions between two people but it is non the most overlaying factor as the article suggests.

Beauty does non get down and stop on the exterior ; a person’s inner qualities define them merely every bit much. if non more. than their physical beauty. Worlds do portion qualities with animate beings as the article provinces. but overall the individualism of people is genuinely what defines their beauty. When it comes to recognize this article to be published. I feel that it should. Even though I do non to the full hold with all the facets of this article. the statistical informations the writer shows holds some virtue. This article brings up contention every bit good. seting people at odds on how much beauty truly affairs.

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