Improving My Time Management Nursing Essay

This study was aimed at placing and analysing some critical arrows to assist me understand the manner I presently behave in respect to identify calling development aims, and to assist me construct an effectual scheme to help me in making my ends.

For person in a managerial place, personal and professional development and the jobs associated with it is constant. I found clip direction to be my major failing and required immediate action. Poor clip direction leaves us experiencing frustrated at the terminal of the on the job twenty-four hours, non to advert undertakings incomplete and had to be carried frontward. Even worse, hapless clip direction has resulted in me fighting to maintain up criterions while I am already tired which merely produces emphasis and hapless quality work.

Like all direction jobs, clip direction, must be subjected to rules of analysis and planning. Keeping a learning diary and frequent SWOT analysis helped me place where my clip goes, what my jobs and their causes are, and realistically how long it takes to carry through certain undertakings.

Research on other surveies and publications on personal and self-development assisted me in understanding the rules of clip direction which I applied to my state of affairs and committed them to habit. The Pareto ‘s rule: 80/20 regulation, multiple resource theory, Parkinson ‘s Law and The pickle jar theory were analyzed, understood and implemented wherever possible. Puting precedences is one of the many cardinal clip direction rules I have adapted and it has shown immediate positive results during my first semester in MSc and I believe I will be able to increase my effectivity, complacency and success both in the long and shorter term.


Personal development can be defined as the individual taking primary duty for their ain acquisition and for taking the agencies to accomplish this ( Pedler et al. 2007 ) . Finally, it is about increasing your willingness, capacity and ability to be responsible and take control over events. Pedler, Burgoyne and Boydell ( 2007 ) rephrase David Kolb ‘s learning rhythm ( Sims, 1983 ) and its phases in a much more user-friendly manner. It suggests that, in order successfully develop a personal accomplishment, such as clip direction in my instance, it is indispensable to name the failing at the first topographic point, set ends, implement it and when the mark day of the month arrives measure your advancement against your ends and make up one’s mind what farther actions to take. This is depicted in Figure 1. Self-development is a uninterrupted procedure and the learning rhythm is to be repeated.

Figure 1. The learning rhythm ( Pedler et al. 2007 )

My old experiences with run intoing deadlines of appraisals, inordinate work in limited clip, emphasis and holding to work tardily to acquire things done gave me an penetration on how hapless my clip direction was. Research on books, articles and experiences of those who have learned to pull off their clip gave me an penetration on amazing betterments that can be made by implementing a smattering of simple techniques. My larning diary reflected that I have to larn to pull off and use my clip efficaciously.

Bing a biomedical scientist and larning managerial accomplishments, it is good understood that clip is a valuable resource and my attitude to it and the manner I utilize it means the difference between failure and success. Proper clip direction will ensue in being more effectual and efficient.


The first measure in more effectual direction of clip is to analyse how one is soon passing it ( Ferner, 1995 ) . Working out how clip is being used with the assistance of clip logs ( McFarlane, 1991 ) for a hebdomad helped me analyse where my clip goes. I broke the clip log into the countries that are appropriate for me and made a pie chart ( Appendix IV – Chart 1 ) that shows how much clip I spent in each country.

The analysis of the clip log helped me construct up an accurate image on how I invest my clip. It besides favored in placing the undermentioned clip robbers.


Procrastination – Delaying assignments and assignments that could be done Oklahoman.

Personal disorganisation – Ill organized survey stuff and paperwork, cluttered desk.

Trying excessively much – Bringing work place feeling I have n’t done plenty for the twenty-four hours.

Planing – Not puting ends, any day-to-day program and precedences unclear or altering.


Electronic devices – Spending excessively much clip on the computing machine look intoing athleticss intelligence, societal networking and disregarding high precedence duties.

Telephone – Spending more clip on the phone with people and utilizing it as an alibi to pretermit duties.

Chew the fating – Involving in unneeded breaks by people to chew the fat.

In add-on I besides performed a SWOT analysis ( shown in the Appendix III ) in my learning diary, which is a speedy and good manner to understand my strengths, failings, chances and menaces ( Cottrell, 2010 ) .

GOAL Setting

Scholars who have understood the significance of clip direction have proposed several theories, rules and techniques that can assist us direct our energy towards a specific way to increase our productiveness. I referred to some of the most popular clip direction theories to understand my precedences and put my ends consequently.

The Pareto Principle: 80/20 regulation – Vilfredo Pareto ‘s 80/20 regulation was interpreted by Juran ( 1988 ) , as 20 per centum of work requires 80 per centum of clip. He called it the “ critical few and fiddling many. ” It suggests that workers must name and prioritise their work, so stress their clip and attempts on the central 20 per centum of their work.

Multiple resource theory -A In this theoretical account developed by Wickens ( 2002 ) , a individual can multitask efficaciously every bit long as the undertakings do n’t necessitate the same resource pool. One can multitask moderately good, speaking on the phone with a friend about a football lucifer and in the interim compose an electronic mail on a budget.

Parkinson ‘s jurisprudence – Cyril Northcote Parkinson ‘s ( 1955 ) theory asserts that work expands to make full the clip available. If excessively much clip is allocated for a work, it will be procrastinated and will be left to the last minute. If less clip is allocated, it wo n’t be done due to miss of clip.

The pickle jar theory – Wright ( 2002 ) uncorked the simple pickle jar theory which teaches us to pass more clip on the major duties of our life or our ends, relatively lesser clip for avocations and the day-to-day jobs of life between ends and avocations. It besides states that distractions that lead to mismanagement should be wholly avoided.

In order to put ends, I focused on short term ends on a hebdomadal footing to do proper clip direction a wont and demo immediate consequences which in a manner will actuate me. Taking into consideration the clip direction theories I learnt, I organized my precedences consequently. So as to ease myself into the wont of clip direction I considered undertakings as short term ends. Appendix II is one such illustration. I plotted out my long term ends ( Appendix I ) which would assist measure how my short term ends together has worked towards doing my long term ends a success.


To use relevant theories into action, I started with doing a hebdomadal timetable on what to make and when. Harmonizing to the 80/20 regulation and the pickle jar theory I decided to pass more clip on analyzing which will besides assist me accomplish my long term ends every bit good as short term. Following the multiple resource theory, I utilized my travelling clip for reading recent research in biomedical scientific discipline and my breakfast clip to look into my electronic mails and read intelligence. Taking Parkinson ‘s Law into history, I estimated the clip each undertaking would take to finish, including cunctation clip and allocated merely the clip required to make the work, for similar work in the hereafter.

I put these into an action program ( Table 1 ) that involved puting marks for carry throughing an action. Pedler et Al. ( 2007 ) states that an action program commits one to a class of action which one will accomplish to a certain criterion or by a certain day of the month.


Stairss TO Take



Dedicate more clip for surveies

Use the traveling clip to read recent research

Survey in the library as it is more productive

Money to purchase a tablet personal computer

During MSc

Be more organized

Make a undertaking list and prioritise the undertakings.

Plan work and vacations in front.

Allocate clip required for a undertaking

Work harmonizing to the timetable prepared.


Support from co-workers


In 2 hebdomads

Spare clip for avocations

Minimize cachexia clip on chew the fating online

See cunctation your enemy

Do non convey workplace related work place



Get into form

Cut on kiping clip

Jog to the park every forenoon


In one hebdomad

Learn how the concern plants

Work with director to develop concern

Manager ‘s part

One twenty-four hours a hebdomad

Table 1. Action program


Ferner ( 1995 ) states that hapless clip direction wonts are difficult to interrupt and one can easy steal into old time-wasting ways. Therefore it is necessary to make repeated analysis and follow up. In order to measure my advancement over the period I repeated the clip log for a hebdomad and plotted a pie chart ( Appendix IV – Chart 2 ) . It reveals that after implementing the new schemes the manner I spend my clip has changed with positive effects. It is understood that I now spend more clip on my higher precedences such as surveies and I have more leisure clip to loosen up.


Whether 1 is in a direction place or draw a bead oning to one, the increasing demand for personal and professional development across a broad scope of accomplishments follow everyplace and clip direction is one such accomplishment merely a minority has mastered. The basic aim of clip direction is non to go super-efficient, ace productive, or super-busy, but to utilize our clip in ways to accomplish of import personal ends ( Ferner, 1995 ) . Comparison of Chart 1 versus Chart 2 ( in Appendix IV ) shows the difference between how I spent my clip and how I spend my clip now. The advancement is satisfactory and I believe there is more to come.

Learning clip direction has led me to be more efficient and concentrate more of my clip on my precedences. This will assist me acquire more out of my twenty-four hours, produce better consequences and do me a valuable trade good at my workplace. Reduced emphasis degrees, increased leisure clip and clearer ends and programs are some of the other positive side effects of proper clip direction. The fact that I must keep this accomplishment at all times during my clip at Kingston University and in my future calling is copiously clear.

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