Travel and Great Wall

Travel is a very good means of broadening a person’s perspective. It makes us come into contact with different cultures, meet people of different colors and enjoy different experiences. Travel may also relieve person of boredom, which brings us enjoyment and attraction. It gives you a pleasant experience, which will disperse our boredom and make us forget whatever annoys us. Travelling much, we will not only enrich our knowledge and experiences, but also be aware of the Magic of nature.

I don’t like to join the travel agency otherwise we should call it gaining a superficial understanding through cursory observation but not traveling. Of course, if we want to have an unforgettable trip, we should prepare for that before we are going to. And we need enough money, enough time, special channel and also an economical plane, which is convenient for us. And we can save more time to view the blue sky generally and look out upon the cloud dancing freely outside the plane. It’s also not bad to travel by train.

Enjoy the scenery out of the train on the way, just look around here and there; maybe you can get some new friends in this narrow but long carriage. Certainly you’d better choose the different path when you return back from the place of interest so that you can make your eyes full of the landscape of interest on the way and never need to revisit the once familiar place. How far-flung and garland the rivers and mountains in our homeland are! There are still too many places we can go.

I had a great trip to the Great Wall. China’s Great Wall is one of great tourist attractions of the world, which is a huge, serrated wall that zigzags its way from the northwest and north of Beijing to the east and west along the undulating mountains, which is said to be visible from the moon. When I was young I could always see the pictures of the Great Wall, and I could see the videos about the Great Wall from our TV, but I still wanted to see the greatest work with my own eyes.

Many years later, when I was 16, I had a chance to travel to Beijing and to see the largest and most famous man-made constructions in the entire world—the Great Wall. I still remember that it is the first time that I was surrendering to human intelligence. I have never had such kind of feelings when I saw those pictures. Actually, climbing the Great Wall was very hard, which took me about 2 hours. But when I stood on top of the Great Wall, I felt as if I was in a fairy land and I could see the world from different angles.

The mountains around the Great Wall looked much more elegant and magnificent. What was really significant is that climbing the Great Wall gave me a beautiful feeling to conquer difficulties. It broadens my mind and leaves me a good memory which I can go over in the rest of my life. All in all, travelling is not only a personal interest but also a kind of knowledge. A merry journey will be the memory that you can’t forget through your lifetime. Time is limited but the interest of traveling is limitless. We travel just because of our love knot to the natural mountains and rivers!

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