Who Are You Behind Closed Doors?

Who are you behind closed doors? Integrity is a word used to describe a good person, a person who does good deeds. When hiring, employers always look for with someone with integrity. Most people know integrity as someone who is good and does good deeds. Integrity is not only about doing what is right and honest, it is about doing what is right and honest when no one else is around. There are different “official” definitions of integrity in the dictionary. Integrity is described by Dictionary. com as “adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty” (1).

This means that integrity describes someone who sticks to their values and is honest. Integrity is also described as being “whole and entire; in perfect condition” (2). This is used to describe objects, but a man of integrity is a man who is whole, who does not lack truth, honesty, or ethics. It is a man who is almost flawless, close to perfect. Another definition of integrity is found in in the Bible. In Proverbs 10:9 says “whoever walks in integrity walks securely…. ” A man of integrity is a man who does not stumble to pressure.

No matter what the circumstance or what people think , he stands firmly on his beliefs and does not deviate from them. One big example of a man of integrity can be found in the Bible. Job was a man of integrity. The Bible describes Job as a flawless man, almost perfect. The Devil then tells God that Job is only good because he is extremely blessed. God gives the Devil permission to take away everything but his soul. Even though he lost his property, cattle, family and health, Job still remains faithful to the Lord. After the devil is done with Job God says to him “Have you considered my servant Job?

There is no one on earth like him; he is blameless and upright, a man who fears God and shuns evil. A he maintains his integrity, though you incited me against him to ruin him without any reason” (Job 2:3). Job was faithful even though he received nothing in return. In fact, he was being tortured and he remained faithful. Even though the Lord “left him alone” he never stumbled. He kept strong in his beliefs. He did what was correct even when the Lord was not present and he did not expect anything in return. Another example of integrity is my cousin Eduardo.

His desire was always to join the military. Our family never approved of that dream, but he wanted it so bad. He wanted to fight for his country and protect out people. When he joined the military our whole family turned against him. His parents were disappointed and sad. Everyone thought he was being selfish and ignorant. I thought he was being selfless and brave. He never let anything my family said bring him down. He knew it was what felt was right and he did it. He put his life at risk to protect our nation. He put his relationship with his family at stake for what he knew was right.

Integrity is also described as someone who is heroic. I believe Eduardo was heroic for never falling to the words of his family, or his own safety and health. Even though no one approved he still did it. That, to me, is integrity. There are many ways to describe integrity. It is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gain. It is not what makes you looks good in front of others; it is what makes you feel good. It is doing the right thing when no one is seeing you or when no one agrees. It is about being selfless and never expecting something in return.

It is about sating true to yourself no matter what the circumstance may be. Integrity is about being like Job, who never doubted even when he was alone. It is being like Eduardo, that even though his family was against him, he did what was right. Integrity is taking a stand on what is right, and not being moved from that idea, no matter how much pressure there is or who is pressuring you. Works Cited Integrity. Dictionary. com. dictionary. com, 2013. Web. 25 Mar. 2013. The Holy Bible. Print. New International Version.

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